Introduction to Darroch name

Is darach mi fhein
(Oak is my name)

'Darroch' is a surname that, while not common, seems to be obviously very Scottish to Scotts. None of its members appears to have obtained fame and conversely none seems to have been notoriously infamous. No Darrochs are listed in encyclopaedias of proper names.

'Darroch' is a form of the Gaelic word for 'oak' which is spelled 'darach'. This was likely from an ancient form 'dara' with an added suffix 'ach' or 'och'. This suffix is fairly common in Scottish expressions, such as 'Sassenach', a person or thing from Saxony. 'Ach' in Gaelic also means 'a field'.

No doubt some people who came from families of "Darrochs' have changed the spelling to 'Darrock', 'Darragh', or 'Darrow'. 'Darragh' seems to be the form used in Ireland and in the United States immigrants often spelled the names as they sounded. Thus we get 'Dara', 'Darrow' and 'Darrah'. The correct pronunciation, if one can manage it, seems to be 'Dar-r-o-cch'. 'Darroch' seems to be the only form acceptable as Highland Scottish. In addition place names in Scottland referring to oak use this spelling most often, such as Annie Laurie's home, 'Craigdarroch' - 'oak hill' and 'Auchindarroch', in Gaelic 'the field of the oak'.

The above is an extract from 'A Darroch Family in Scotland and in Canada' also know as "The Red Book" by Frank Darroch (1974)

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Hi my name is John Darroch.

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At this time there is particular emphasis on George Darroch and his descendants. George Darroch and his wife Nicholas Murray nee Rogerson immigrated to New Zealand aboard the vessel Jane Gifford in 1842. Four of their children also travelled with them.

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